Eternity Amora Gem
Eternity Amora Gem 0.51ct | E color | IF clarity | 5.12mm-5.15mm X 3.16mm
April 29, 2019
Eternity Amora Gem
Eternity Amora Gem 0.51ct | E color | IF clarity | 5.14mm-5.17mm X 3.12mm
April 29, 2019

Eternity Amora Gem 0.51ct | E color | IF clarity | 5.14mm-5.16mm X 3.13mm


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Amora Gem Eternity H&A Round 0.51ct 
Cut: Hearts&Arrows Round  | Cut Grade: Super Ideal 

Measurements: 5.14mm-5.16mm X 3.13mm

Actual Amora Gem´s video

Vertical faceted girdle (64 facets)
Certificate No.: 9002344 | Delivery time: 5-8 working days
Shipping: Full insured FedEx Priority


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Every Eternity Amora Gem comes with a full independent diamond-style grading report from NAGL laboratory.
The parameters for ideal optical performance as calculated for a refractive index of 2.71 surpass diamond in brilliance, toughness, fire, rarity and luster while matching the worlds most valuable white diamonds with up to D color, and Internally Flawless clarity. The Amora Gem is over one million times rarer than diamond (based on the past 10 years of natural diamond production vs Amora Gem production). Amora Gem is composed of 50% carbon and 50% silicon and only grows in star-like conditions that would vaporize diamond.

The new Eternity H&A Round is the result of using the world’s most advanced gem modeling software and then a month of deep computing simulations using the only stereoscopic modeling system in the world, along with ten years of real-world evaluation of thousands of H&A diamonds.

Amoras are each individually graded under the GIA diamond grading scale and priced according to their carat weight, color, and clarity.  All gems are cut with built TIGER robot system.  With <10 micron precision, it is the world’s most advanced gem cutting robot.

TIGER delivers incredible symmetry and precision including our synchronized 64 facets, vertical faceted girdle so you can enjoy the world’s most stunning and most perfectly cut gem!   Eternity H&A Cut design – Cut controls 98% of the brilliance.

Eternity Amora Gem

  • All Eternity Gems certified from 9001000 and higher are the new Eternity Amora Gems
  • Tiger vertical girdles; new synchronized vertical girdle (identical to H&A diamond girdles)
  • By far the best brilliance ever!
  • Eye visible improvement to Ultra Hearts&Arrows cut
  • Absolutely new cut develop by the most sophisticated design software!
  • Arrows are now very much in the range of diamond H&A arrow styling
  • Greater total brilliance & spread the fire evenly across the entire viewing surface
  • „Rolling Thunder“ effect
Dimensions 16 × 26 × 6 cm
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