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About Amora

“For the first time in human history, diamond has been eclipsed by a new gem with greater Fire, Brilliance, Toughness and Beauty.”

Amora gem is a naturally occuring crystal around very large stars, where is occurs as stardust. The Amora gem crystal only grows in extremely high temperatures that would quickly vaporize diamond. Due to incredibly high temperatures it requires for growth, it is only present on Earth in rare quantities near the Earth´s heated core, and it is lack of availability is perhaps one reason that diamond became the most prized gem on Earth.

Amora Gem Crystal is older than planet Earth, but was never available on Earth..until now! Much, much rarer than diamond. Amora Gem previously only existed around large carbon rich stars, unavailable to any humans on Earth for over 4 Billion years of Earth´s history. Now that Amora is grown in a lab by creating star-like conditions, the total production is a small fraction of the annual mining output of natural diamonds.


The Amora Gem revolution, just now, in front of you eyes!
Dear Customers, let us introduce to you the new generation of Amora gems.
Eternity Amora Gem

  • All Eternity Amora Gems certified from 1.000.121 and higher are the new Eternity Amora Gems
  • Tiger vertical girdles; new synchronized vertical girdle (identical to H&A diamond girdles)
  • By far the best brillance ever!
  • Eye visible improvement to Ultra Hearts&Arrows cut
  • Absolutely new cut develop by the most sophisticated design software!
  • Arrows are now very much in the range of diamond H&A arrow styling
  • Greatet total brillnace & spread the fire evently across the intiere viewing surface
  • „Rolling Thunder“ effect
  • The Eternity H&A is the successor to previous Soaring Hearts & Ultra H&A cut.  Note the difference in the Eternity H&A arrows, which are now an optimal medium thickness.

The new Eternity H&A Round is the result of using the world’s most advanced gem modeling software and then a month of deep computing simulations using the only stereoscopic modeling system in the world, along with ten years of real-world evaluation of thousands of H&A diamonds.

Amoras are each individually graded under the GIA diamond grading scale and priced according to their carat weight, color and clarity.   Amora Gems are cutted with built TIGER robot system.  With <10 micron precision, it is the world’s most advanced gem cutting robot.

TIGER delivers incredible symmetry and precision including our synchronized 64 facet, vertical faceted girdle so you can enjoy the world’s most stunning and most perfectly cut gem, Amora!   Eternity H&A Cut design – Cut controls 98% of the brilliance.



Amora Gem is the world’s newest and ultimate gem. It is the first and only lab-grown gem to surpass diamond in brilliance, toughness, fire, rarity and luster, while matching the worlds most valuable white diamonds with up to D color, and Internally Flawless clarity. The Amora Gem is over one million times rarer than diamond (based on the past 10 years of natural diamond production vs Amora Gem production). Amora Gem is composed of 50% carbon and 50% silicon, and only grows in star-like conditions that would vaporize diamond.


  • More brilliant than diamond
  • More fire than diamond
  • Greater physical stability and tougher than diamond
  • D, E and F color — better color than most diamonds
  • Hearts and arrows precision — better cutting than 99% of all round diamonds
  • Greater purity than diamond — atomically, ethically, environmentally
  • Scores significantly better in the 6th C — Cost, oftentimes 40:1 better pricing for comparable color, carat weight and clarity.
  • Much, much rarer than diamond. Amora Gem previously only existed around large carbon-rich stars, unavailable to any humans on Earth for over four billion years of Earth’s history. Now that Amora is grown in a lab by creating star-like conditions, the total production is a small fraction of the annual mining output of natural diamonds.
  • Amora Ultra H&A is The Ultimate Gem.
Gem properties Diamond Amora Gem
Atomic composition 99.99% carbon 50% carbon, 50% silicon
Brilliance (flashes of white light 2.417 2.66 – 2.71
Fire (flashes of colored light) .044 .104+
Hardness (resistance to scratching) 10 9.25 – 9.5
Toughness (resistance to chipping, breakage) Good-Excellent Excellent
H&A cut (H&A is the ultimate in round cutting) Rarely Always
Conflict-free (conflict diamonds are diamonds sold by armed groups to fund weapons purchases) Typically Always
Graded under GIA diamond standards Typically Always
Environmentally friendly Varies Always
Rarity Common One Million times rarer than Diamond



Refractive index (or R.I.) is a measure of how much light is slowed/bent as it passes through a material. A higher value, or more ‘bending power’ means greater ability for the gem, with proper cutting, to re-route light back out to the observer rather than passing through the gem to the backside, and thus creating more total brilliance.
A lower value means more light will ‘pass through’ or create a ‘window’ or see- through zone, as you tilt the stone or view it less than straight on. Thus, less brilliance because more light is simply escaping out the back of the gem rather than being captured and returned back out the front for you to see as light play and sparkle.
Thus, a gem’s refractive index is very much a measure of it’s expected brilliance (assuming optimal cutting which must use matching angles and symmetry, ala H&A rounds, to maximize it).
Below is a listing of various gem’s ‘refractive index’ or ‘potential for brilliance’. The Amora Gem is the most brilliant gem of all, and a vacuuum by comparison has no brilliance (which is why it is the base measure of 1). (Note that when a value is listed as with two values with a hyphen, it means the material is doubly refractive. In other words, the value from light entering the side is different than light entering the top. As you can see, more gems are doubly refractive than not).

Material: Refractive Index:
The Gem(Amora): 2.66 – 2.71
Moissanite: 2.65 – 2.69
Diamond: 2.417
Asha: ~2.22
CZ: ~2.16
Zircon: 1.96 – 2.01
Sapphire: 1.76 – 1.77
Ruby: 1.76 – 177
Garnet(various): ~1.76
Peridot: 1.65 – 1.69
Material: Refractive Index:
Tourmaline: 1.62 – 1.64
Topaz: 1.61 – 1.62
Emerald: 1.57 – 1.60
Citrine: 1.55
Amethyst: 1.54 – 1.55
Quartz: 1.54 – 1.55
Glass: 1.517
Water: 1.333
Air(atmosphere): 1.00029
Vacuum: 1



No. The crystal structure of the Amora Gem is distinct, and optically superior, to the crystal structure of Moissanite by Charles and Colvard. The Amora Gem has more brilliance (higher refractive index), and better color (wider optical band gap) than Moissanite. Both Amora Gem and Moissanite by Charles and Colvard are members of the ‘Silicon Carbide’ family of crystals – there are over 200+ members of this family. Silicon Carbide simply means the crystal is made using silicon and carbon…the internal crystal structure using these elements can vary dramatically, with very different optical, chemical and physical properties as a result.
Think of diamond vs. graphite – both are crystals made of carbon, yet display very different properties. For example, Amora Gem will never tint green the way Moissanite can, and is natively F color, or true colorless. The Amora Gem however, is much harder and more difficult to grow than Moissanite.



Idealscope comparison of Amora Eternity vs Forever One Moissanite “H&A” cut. We consider H&A Diamond Amora Gem main competitor but some customers have asked and happy to show the difference between Moissanite sort of H&A round, and Amora Eternity Super Ideal H&A.  This also disqualifies it from being an H&A cut. For Amora, we only cut for maximum beauty and optimum fire and brilliance. The difference is very clear using the IdealScope. These were graded using Sarin HD and DiamCalc software.

IdealScope Comparison

AMORA SUPER IDEAL ETERNITY H&A                       F1 Moissanite “H&A”

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