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AMORA GEM – The World Most Brilliant Gem

Enviroment friendly gem & Eclipse diamond in almost every measure

Amora gem can be considered a new symbol of true love, which lasts forever.
The new Amora Soaring Hearts Eternity is now available in our eshop

Amora Gem Rings & Jewellery shop
A occasion requires a unique jewellery collection, that puts emphasis on detail and especially onextraordinary Beauty and Brilliance of the Amora gem.

The new Soaring Amora Gem
Passion & Love & Eternity

  • All certificates 1.000.121 and higher are the new Soaring Hearts cut Amora Gems
  • New nano-metric polishing process
  • 64 facet vertical girdle / 4 girdle facets per crown facet, just like H&A natural diamonds
  • The arrows are closer to the usual H&A diamond style, but the angles were uniquely developed using the world's best modeling software to maximize the fire and brilliance
  • TIGER cut with micron level precision
  • Eye visible improvement to Ultra Hearts&Arrows cut / „Richer „ in appearance vs. the original Ultra Hearts&Arrows

 "The quality of Amora gems is really unique."

RNDr. Ivan Turnovec
Gemology and Judge advocate


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The Amora gem crystal naturally occurs around large stars as stardust, but has never been available on Earth until now.
Words can´t describe how amazing the Amora gem is, just visit our section „About Amora“ to compare Amora with other commom gems like diamonds, moissanite, sapphire etc.

Due to its unique properties, the Amora gem has the potential to be the new „gem of love“ for all those, who don´t want to compromise and who are looking for something very special and exclusive.

It is not a diamond alternative, but a quite new category in the  luxury gems family. The Amora gem is a trend setter and a trust builder.

AMORA GEM - Passion & Love & Eternity

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