Super Ideal Princess Amora Gem – Custom gem
June 8, 2018
Super Ideal Princess Amora Gem – Custom Cutting
June 19, 2018

Amora gem – Custom cutPAY 50% (stated price)


Price per 1.00ct | E-F color | VVS – VS clarity | Certificate
Estimated delivery time: 2-3 months
Pay 50% now & 50% when the is ready to be shipped out.
The price you see is 50% of total payment.


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Custom Amora Gem

We are delighted to announce that the highly-desirable custom Amora gem is now available in a range of cuts: Round, Cushion, Princess, Krupps, Oval and Asscher. (Click here to learn more about the various gem cuts and their properties.)

The estimated time for each custom-cut gemstone is two to three months due to the complexity of the craftsmanship required. However, if you need your custom piece more urgently – perhaps for a special occasion – please do contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

How to order your custom Amora gem

Simply choose your preferred colour and clarity and make a 50% deposit. You will receive your order confirmation immediately.

Colour and clarity guide

We produce stable, high-quality crystal in a colourless quality (D-F) with an excellent grading of clarity. However, we are unable to guarantee the exact property of any piece ordered. Each gem is cut from our lab-grown crystal and exacting properties cannot be ascertained beforehand. As a guide, D-F / IF-VVS are exceptional gems which easily eclipse the vast majority of natural diamonds and which are the ideal property grade to maximise the brilliance and lustre of the Amora Gem. Each of our custom-cut gems is sold with its own diamond-style certificate, produced by the North-American Gemology Laboratory (NAGL).

Payment terms

A 50% deposit is required to make your order. You will receive a further email with a link to complete the total payment. The cost will be calculated against E colour and VVS clarity properties.

Custom gem jewellery

We also specialise in the production of custom jewellery and can produce incredibly brilliant gems in stunning designs to our customers’ specifications. It couldn’t be easier to do. Simply share with us your vision of your dream jewellery with details of the design, metal and colour and we will produce a quote. We also have a large jewellery collection to provide inspiration! Click here to find more details.


As with all custom jewellery, we do not offer a refund for a custom-cut gem, due to the time and cost involved in the process. Please note that all customers must accept that the resulting gem cannot be guaranteed to meet exacting properties, however, each will have a general property of a D-F colour grade (colourless) and a clarity grade of IF-VVS, representing superb brilliance, lustre and ‘fire’ for a truly stunning appearance.


Never seen the gem before? Click HERE and see our Amora gem video.




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